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Emily – New Revised Edition – by Margaret Ann Loveday


Even though I have enjoyed reading the first edition of this book a few times, and I have read the PDF of the revised edition, as well.  I decided to download the  revised edition of Emily, to experience again, the updated version.

The new edition has the same storyline with a development of the characters, and dialogue, enhancing even more, the pleasure of the reader.

The author has a message of love and its healing power throughout its pages utilising the main characters Emily, Grandma Ruby, Nick and Dimmy to drive this home; their lives weaving together beautifully as they walk through their journeys.

The storyline is brilliant; there are so many messages of humanistic facets to draw from, like a deep well; lots of heart abounds.   The unique freshness and uplifting nature of this book, makes this a most beautiful story of triumph over adversity.  It is full of miracles, mystery and adventure amongst the Australian beach and bush, touching on environmental issues and the love of nature, and sprinkled with gems of wisdom, good values and life changing principles, that it could even be called a self-help book.

The novel lives up to its subtitle which is “Love: capture your heart, appreciate life and believe for the impossible’. It is filled with love, it is very moving, and touches the heart, (even though I have read it a few times).  It definitely helps the reader to appreciate the simple things in life, leaving us feeling uplifted and hopeful in our own lives.

I highly recommend this lovely book, as a must read for everyone from youth to mature, it is a treasure worth the time to read and absorb its energy and life force, and I can’t wait for Margaret’s next book.