Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is an open air museum in Ballarat Victoria, which depicts the first ten years of its history after the discovery of gold in 1851.  It is run by board of directors and is a community based museum.

sovereign hill street


The name originally Ballaarat comes from the  Aboriginal name of the place, ‘balla aret’ or ‘resting place’, since changed to Ballarat in 1996.

Ladies inperiod dress

Sovereign Hill itself and the area around is part of the richest alluvial gold rush in the world.  The second largest nugget found in the world was mined in Ballarat it weighed 69 kg, worth over $3 million US in gold now, then it was worth 10,500 pound.

Sovereign Hill is a wonderful place to visit, and the whole  of the old Victorian gold rush area is  rich in history, with its lovingly restored and maintained small towns.

Accordian man sovereign hill



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