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ECHUCA is located on the Murray River on the Victorian side, it is said to be a living memorial of the Murray.

The Aboriginal meaning for Echuca is ‘Meeting of the Waters’, which is indicative of the role rivers have played in the town’s existence.

echuca 1897

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Founded by a very enterprising character of the early colonial days, an ex-convict named Henry Hopewood; he bought a small punt in 1850 and operate it across the Murray River.  The settlement was known as Hopewood then changed to Echuca.

By 1870  Echuca had risen in prominence as Australia’s largest inland Port, Echuca was both a key river port and railway junction. Steam-driven paddle boats would arrive at the 400-metre long redgum Echuca Wharf, unloading it to be transported by rail to Melbourne. Wool, wheat, other grains, livestock and timber were the most common cargoes.  The wharf has been listed as a heritage now, and the wharf area and some of the town  preserved, as a living reminder of the bustling Port it used to be in the good old days, before the railroads then the trucks took care of transporting goods.

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