The Miracle of Love

Hi my name is Cosmo, but you can call me Cosi, and this is my story.

I was what you would call a rescue dog, no I didn’t rescue, I was rescued!

cosi in the sun

I am safe and happy now and live with my mum and dad in a beautiful new kennel, they call ‘the unit’.  They can’t help but give me lots of hugs and cuddles, because of my good looks, charm, magnetic personality and ‘dogone’ lovability.  I get the best of food, I don’t like green things in my food though, I will pick those out, but ‘greenies’ I love.  Actually I will say it again ‘greenies’, for those who don’t know, the most beautiful, tasty and healthy treat a dog can have, they are instead of bones.  My mum said I can’t have bones because it will ruin the furnishings especially when I try to bury them in the couch, under the pillows; there’s no dirt, you see, in ‘the unit’.

I get to go on two walks a day and my favourite is to the dog park where I can walk and stalk and pounce on other unsuspecting dogs.  I can sniff and follow smells and pee and spread my calling card, everywhere I feel the need to freshen up the place, you know.

My human ‘daddie’ gave me a voice, it’s a boy voice, with squeaky, strained tones and both mum and dad help me give my opinion on things.

I have boy time with my dad and our mates, I feel like one of the boys.  We go fishing in the boat; I even have a buoyancy vest, just in case.  Sometimes we just hang out and have pizza, umm that’s my fav!  And when mum and I spend time together, first we cleanup and do a bit of washing, that’s my fun job, I like to get in there and help sort the wash but mum says she’d better do it so it’s all in one room and it’s more organized, don’t understand that?  Then we might go visit the other pretty ladies for a cuppa, or just snuggle together and have a snooze.

It wasn’t always this way though, way back in my other life, it’s actually like a dream now, that other life, its fading away.  I got out of my yard; I was a bit bored you see, because no one was home much and I got used to entertaining myself.  I felt like a bit of adventure, I guess that’s the Jack Russell/Maltese in me, and before I knew it I was picked up by the council ranger and put in the dog pound.  I mean, don’t they know who I am?  It stressed me out, that did!  I tried to tell them I needed to go home; they didn’t listen just left me in cold, cement, floored cage with some other dogs.

Before I knew it I was at ‘Monika’s Doggie Rescue’, and they were very kind to me, taking my photo and the Vet was checking me over.  I must say the Vet gave me lots of attention; it was okay till they stuck something up my bottom and gave me some needles.  They said I needed to get a chip, I said, ‘I’ll have Deli rock please’, then they said I have to be vaccinated and desexed, ‘Oh no, not my manhood!  I felt sleepy and when I woke up I just didn’t feel very good and my voice was squeaky and some of my body parts were missing.

I never felt the same after that, I was feeling sore and tired, my body had bruises all over it, and they said I had low platelets and a heart murmur, I heard them say that they didn’t know if I would make it, I don’t get that either, cause I got this far didn’t I?  So, they gave me medicine and that’s when my fur fell out.

I watched the world go by, humans came to visit and sometimes took a doggie home, but I didn’t feel like giving much attention to the visitors, like the other dogs, looking up to the humans with those ‘goo goo’ eyes and all!  I wanted my humans to come and get me; I longed to go back to my home, even though I couldn’t remember what they looked like or smelt like.  Would a new family like me and take me home, even though my fur was falling out, even though, I was skinny and scruffy now; I was starting to feel a bit sad, until…

Adam and Amy came to visit, they were looking for a doggie like me, that they could take home.  Missing having a dog around the place they needed a dog that would love them and protect them.  They had some rules though, that I could be left on my own while they were at work, I didn’t moult,  I didn’t have much hair left to bother with, and I was sociable.  As I always say, ‘Yeah, I like people!  Well some of them!’

Amy and Adam had seen a couple of possible candidates online.  Is that some new leadThey came to check them out; Monica said they were not that suitable for their situation, Amy was upset and very disappointed.

Then Monica turned to them with another option, yours truly.  ‘We do have one other possible for you, however, he is sick and will need a lot of extra care, that would mean Vet bills?  Take him for a walk and get to know him, if he feels comfortable to jump into your car for a drive, then you’ll know.’

So off we went for a walk, they smelt fine and they had nice loving calm voices and warm gentle hugs.  I made sure I looked straight into their eyes just to make sure and I knew that they were the ones; yep they were my new mum and dad.  We walked over to their car and as soon as Adam opened the door I jumped in, wagged my tail and barked ‘Let’s go home!’


That was that, we did have to learn about each other’s ways, and we did do some training together  They were quite good, I must say even though I did make sure they look good, if you know what I mean?  I did put a bit of time in there, they needed to know I don’t like fast moves, they are not to move me when I am asleep and please do not touch my bottom area.

I’m all better now too, I did give them a scare with a low platelet count again, so back on the medication and Aunty Margaret, (she’s my Naturopath) came on the scene with some natural supplements, which I still take to keep me strong.  My skin is healthy and pink, my fur is shiny and soft and I have energy to play all day with my cousin dogs.  I still bark at some boys that I know may be trouble, as they run along or ride a bike, just to warn them not to mess with me.

It’s been two years now and I know I must say my mum and dad are the best, well trained parents a doggie could have and I love them and they love me and it was that love that got me better and made me the dog I am today.

Oh by the way, have a look at the photos, their the proof, the one at the top is at Christmas on my new bed taking in a few rays!  Then one when I was sick and then one now I’m well, lookin’ good!  And then there is our family portrait, handsome family, don’t you reckon!

Cosi family photo


4 thoughts on “The Miracle of Love

    • Glad you enjoyed the story Maureen. Sad to hear about your Daisy, they are so precious, and we miss them when they leave us, but I know they are all in Heaven and having a wag of a time.


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