Author Interview – Margaret Ann Loveday

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Margaret Ann Loveday, the author of ‘Emily’.

Welcome Margaret, thank you for taking the time to do this interview.  I have read and enjoyed ‘Emily’ and it was very touching and I have noticed that is something a lot of reader’s have said in the reviews of your book.


Tell me how did your book come to life?

The book was actually inspired by a dream; however, it was also real life events that contributed as well.  It is quite interesting how the brain gathers information and the heart emotion then when we open ourselves to allow creativity to flow, we can end up with a creative work that can be amazing!

Having worked in the field of health for many years and now as a Practitioner of Natural Medicine, I have listened to the stories of many people from different walks of life.  I have come to the conclusion that people are sad, lonely, depressed and sick because they lack love, and love is the perfect antidote for these ailments and for toxic emotions.

Did you plan to be an author? Can you explain your experience?

I describe myself as ‘a seat of your pants’ type of person!  I just go with the flow of inspiration!

I had no idea I was going to write a book, if anything it would have been wise to write a book in line with my profession.

But as heaven would have it, I woke up one morning after the most intense dream, I felt led to write it all down,  first in point form, then I elaborated with detail.  I wrote in every waking moment, at work between clients, much to my Office Manager’s frustration!  I wrote and wrote then I plotted and planned and wrote some more.

Did you have to think about the title of your book, and how did you come to choose the name?

As I wrote the story I knew instantly what the title would be, I had to call it Emily as the main character she is quite predominant; well, it is her journey after all.

I am quite interested in the origins and meaning of names and how they can impact the lives of the bearers.  Emily is a powerful, optimistic, charismatic name and these are the characteristics I needed for Emily.  Interestingly, I had given her a name, decided to name the book Emily, then I checked the meaning of Emily and was amazed that it definitely was meant to be!

What location(s) did you decide to use for your story and what were your reasons?

The book is set at different locations in Australia, but mainly on the Central Coast and mid North coast of New South Wales.  These settings just flowed as a package deal, out of my imagination.  They are places I know well, plus I added a fictional place and as it turned out, they became a perfect stage the characters could play out their journeys.

As a bonus, they became a great way to showcase Australian culture of the beach and bush that I love so much, bringing awareness of the wonderment of the natural environment, the interactions of flora and fauna and the soothing and healing effect that nature has on the soul.

Tell us what is your book about?

I believe this story will touch your heart, as Emily is a story of love’s journey, orchestrated by a series of miracles; a story of adventure, family, hopes and dreams fulfilled.  Set is an Australian beach and bush setting it encompasses the beauty of the environment and the Australian culture and way of life.

This book is very easy to read, I had this in mind because there are many people out there who find it difficult to read or concentrate.  Many readers have said to me that they usually do not read or it was the first book that they have ever read all the way through.  They were very happy when they read Emily, it actually has inspired them and given them confidence to read and they have told me that they are looking forward to the next book; that is beautiful.

I believe that this book has something to impart to the world. The power of love is not just romantic love but a most pure form of love that encompasses many aspects and has the, possibilities to heal humanity and the earth, the environment, nature everything.  That sort of Love can bring hope in a hurting world.

Big expectations, yes however, if we can touch one person at a time, it can make a difference, Mother Teresa said, If you can’t feed one hundred feed one.

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What is the main theme running through your book and what does this main theme mean to you. Is it a passion in your life?

In 2010, I was told by someone very close to me, just before he passed away, something I will never forget.  He said Margaret … love is the most important thing in life, pursue love, live in love, walk in love, and speak in love …

Through the process of writing and even promoting this book, I have found in myself that because I am focusing  on love,  giving love, spreading love and talking and writing about love, It is actually helping me to grow and walk in love even more, it’s quite a never ending and even a challenging  journey.

Every day I wake and ponder on love, and often think how this one comment, could have been the pivot that has led me to write a book and share the message of the power of love and more, I am very thankful.

I believe also that what we look upon, read about, talk about, is what we become.

What do you think makes a great writer? Do you need to be taught to write?

The techniques, and the foundation, basics of writing can be taught, but the creative force that drives these into a book is definitely a gift that cannot be taught.  I believe that everyone is born with a gift.

Through my own personal experience I believe it’s definitely a gift.  It came upon me suddenly and without warning.

I am amazed even to this day that I have written a book… I had a vivid dream, I wrote it down all in point form, the whole dream, and it just flowed.   Within that period I actually wrote down the outline of seven stories.

Do you have a message you want to convey with your book(s)?

I really didn’t have any purpose at the start of writing ‘Emily’. Not at first, it wasn’t until I was in my second or third draft that I realised the potential of what I had in my hands.  I believe it was a miracle that the message I wanted to express was woven throughout the pages, threads of love.  Messages of faith, hope and love; inspiration to capture the heart, appreciate life and believe for the impossible.

Do you have plans to write another book(s) with the same theme(s)?

Emily is my first novel, and the first in a series of novels, I hope to write. I have seven more stories I would like to develop and all of these will connect in one way or another with each other.  The main theme running through these stories will be threads of love and each will be uplifting, inspirational, and full of hope, faith and love.

I am currently working on my second novel, The Red Hat – Perceptions, which explores relationships and misconceptions carried by gossip and the negative effects that may occur and the impact upon the lives of others.  But it has more than that, it can make you cry, it can make you laugh and parts will help you to keep your fingernails trim!

There will be some characters from Emily who will turn up within the story, plus some new ones and always the threads of love will be evident.  Hopefully this story will leave the reader uplifted and inspired.

How do you feel when you see the numbers of books on the market today and the number of self published authors increasing and everyone trying to get attention? How do you keep motivated?

It would be very easy to look around at the competition and feel a whole lot of negative emotions, to become competitive, jealous, disappointed, despaired and overwhelmed,

I refuse to go there and I choose to hang onto my dream.

I also believe it is important that my motivation is right; I enjoy story telling with a mission to touch lives with powerful topics that are woven delicately throughout a fictional tale.

Reading is healthy and important, and reading about uplifting, hope-filled words and images is even more important for the heart and mind to have every day, it is definitely food for thought.

In all this, I like to encourage, as best I can, my fellow companions on this journey, other indie authors, and as we all help one another, we all succeed.

Is there is anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to thank all those who have bought and read my book Emily, my friends who support and encourage and those who have taken the time to review or even drop me a comment.

Thank you to fellow colleagues in the writing world who have taken the time to share their experiences and Laurence O’Bryan who started Booksgosocial and shares of his knowledge so freely and for making all this possible.

And thank you Sharyn for inviting me to share my work like this, I appreciate the opportunity.

And thanks to the Author of Love who leads and guides me and teaches me every day to, Walk in Love, Speak in Love and to Live in Love.


For more details – on ‘Emily’

Twitter: @Threads_Of_Love



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